Bucket Prices

"Ball quality is important to you. Red Oak's Balls are new, clean, free of defects."

Note: Until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, only $5.00 buckets will be available.

Buckets: Large (120 balls) = $12.00

Medium (84 balls) = $9.00

Small (42 balls) = $5.00

(7 and under accompanied by a paying adult)

 Extra Savings Options:  Spend $60.00  using a frequent drive punch card and earn a free bucket! 

Debit Cards Aka "Club-44" cards NOW AVAILABLE: Receive $60.00 of purchase power; at a cost of $44.00!
25% Total Savings!

Covid-19 Special Offer   Season Passes ($260) :reduced 50%

$130 for daily use from now to October 1st, 2020. Call to order before June 1st, 2020

Season Pass Request | Gift Certificates | Gift Cards

Putting and chipping green area is reserved for customers who have bought at least a $5.00 bucket. "Sharing" of  buckets allowed. No children without a parental supervision. Clubs available with the purchase of any size bucket at no additional charge. We do ask that you handle the course clubs with care.